Deadly tornado destroys community in North Texas: “I held the door tight and said, 'This is the end of me.'”

VALLEY VIEW — Neighbors on Green Meadow Drive said they immediately formed a rescue crew after hearing screams during a tornado.

“As he passed by, all he heard was screams, screams and screams. And he went to where he heard the screams,” said Guadalupe Naranjo.

Her father, Jose Naranjo, was part of a rescue team that launched an emergency operation to save Laura Esparza, her daughter Miranda and her son Marco.

Jose Naranjo said he kept screaming, especially after he found the little girl. He wasn't alone, she said. The girl's father was also there. His losses were piling up.

“And he found his wife and son dead,” said Guadalupe Naranjo.

The Cooke County Sheriff told CBS News Texas that seven people died as a result of the storm. The identities of all victims have not yet been released. The sheriff said four adults, one child and two children were missing. Governor Greg Abbott said in a press conference on Sunday that all victims had been recovered.

Harrowing stories of survival also unfolded on Green Meadow Drive. Yolanda Vasquez said that when the storm became dangerous, she began to pray. She even held onto a doorknob in her house and prayed for protection for herself and her daughter, who lives next door.

“I thought I was going to die because the air was sucking me up and I was holding the door tight,” she said. “I thought, 'This is the end of me.'”

Meanwhile, her daughter Monica Vasquez came home from a graduation party. Monica Vasquez said when she heard popping in her ears, she knew something was not normal.

She held on to a door until the storm had passed.

“So my husband, I and my five children went into the closet,” Monica Vasquez said. “We heard a lot of noise and felt the house moving.”

The deadly storm has severely affected the financial situation of their household.

“And now my husband can’t work because his work clothes are gone,” she said.

Their mother, Yolanda Vasquez, said at least they were all alive.

“I can say this because I know there are many dead out there who didn't make it,” said Yolanda Vasquez.

Refugio Esparza and his son survived the tornado, but are still coping with the deaths of their loved ones.

There is an online fundraiser for funeral expenses.