Bodies of two children found after tornado in Texas – NBC 5 Dallas-Fort Worth

As the sun rose over Lone Oak Road in Valley View, an army of first responders searched yards and dug through rubble where homes once stood, resuming a search that neighbors like Randy Lane began moments after the storm.

“Charlie, who lives down the street, called me over and said, 'Randy, there are babies missing,'” Randy Lane said.

Blake Lane said a neighbor called him early to look for two missing children who were later found dead after the storm.

Across the street from his home where he survived the tornado, a house has disappeared. All that remains is a handful of cinder blocks. Officials say five of the six children who were in the house when the storm hit were washed out by the tornado.

“He found three babies in the water. There's a small waist-deep pond over there,” he said.

All three children were injured but alive.

It was not until the morning that search teams found the bodies of her two- and five-year-old siblings nearby. They were two of seven people who, according to officials, died in the deadly storms on Saturday evening.

Damage caused by a tornado that touched down in Valley View, Texas on May 26, 2024.

Daylight revealed to the refugees the extent of the destruction. No house was spared in the worst-affected streets.

“When I got here, I had a moment where I cried. I'm going to cry again. It's just really sad to see this,” Mary Chenault said.

Chenault and her husband, Brad, said they loaded their dogs and horses last night just in time, and only returned this morning to find that their home of seven years needed to be rebuilt.

Mary Chenault says she and her husband left with the dogs and horses and when they returned they realized they had to rebuild their house.

“If you've never been in a tornado and you hear a warning and they tell you to seek shelter or get away, that's what they mean: get away. Because all of that and all the lives that are lost, it's just devastating,” said Brad Chenault.

As the day drags on, many in Cooke County can only move forward.

“The saying goes: those who rebuild, build stronger,” he said.

The same neighbors who helped pull children from the pond on that property also rescued a mother and her five-year-old son from the rubble next door. Her family said the woman underwent surgery Sunday and her son was stable.