Days after a viral video puts Riot to the test, the Valorant developer hits out with community-first ideals and measures aimed at removing toxicity from the game

In-game toxicity can negatively impact mental health and turn a good day into a bad one for anyone who plays a video game for fun. Brave A player named Taylor Morgon recently fell victim to such an incident and appealed to the game's developers, Riot Games, to do something about it.

Due to the growing concern about the issue, Riot planned a course of action and released a video on the social media platform X (formerly Twitter) in which studio head Anna Donolan explained that they were taking matters into their own hands and planned to weed out those who exhibit negative behavior that affects the rest of the community.

No one in video games is prepared for such an attack

Trash talkers have long been a problem in multiplayer games.
Trash talkers have long been a problem in multiplayer games.

On May 13, 2024, Taylor uploaded a video of her stream while playing the game. During the voice chat, a male voice can be heard talking nonsense, causing her to leave the game. It was shocking, as mentioned in her post, no one is willing to put up with such kind of attack.

In the post, which has already been viewed over 40 million times on the platform, she appealed to Riot Games to do something about this problem.

She wrote:

The bans are not enough. These men will not be deterred from doing what they do unless hardware bans come into force.

Now that the problem has escalated, Riot Games is taking matters into its own hands.

The head of the Valorant studio cannot stand these perpetrators spreading hate

Several elements in Valorant are inspired by Counter Strike.Several elements in Valorant are inspired by Counter Strike.
Multiple elements in Brave Be inspired by Counterattack.

Trash talkers should start packing their things, because Brave The developers are not in a conversational mood at the moment. The latest video explains how the changes will be implemented in the game over the next few days. Anna seems to be of the opinion that muting the offender will not help, as it does not justify his behavior.

That's right, because these offenders would do the same thing they do in other games. The video highlights the five steps they will implement, starting with a 30-day review for policy updates. It also involves manual reviews of players they suspect are not a good fit for the community.

She says:

This allows us to impose stricter penalties more quickly and focus on the most serious behaviours. Things like hate speech, serious sexual content and any threat of violence have no place in our game.

Users expressed their joy on social media. ValorINTEL is confident that Riot Games will clean up the mess these perpetrators have caused.

Another account called ValorLeaks says the measure would prevent “Repeat offender.

The phone Version of Brave is also under lock and keyand this measure should keep evil away from there too. Or maybe they should Skynet-like AI to block these perpetrators out of.

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