News about Kate Middleton: Private medical records of the Princess of Wales leaked during cancer treatment? London clinic under investigation

An investigation is currently underway into an alleged data theft at the London Clinic where Kate Middleton had her abdominal surgery, but experts believe her personal medical records may still be safe. Find out why.

It is illegal for any healthcare worker – whether in the NHS or the private sector – to view a patient’s medical records without the permission of the person responsible for the organisation’s data.

Hospital management launched an investigation after allegations emerged that at least one staff member attempted to access Kate's personal information following her surgery in January.

However, experts believe that hospital staff at the main hospital allegedly involved in the data breach of the Princess of Wales' medical records may have fallen for a trap set by their superiors, the Daily Mail reported.

Three months later, the London Clinic is still under investigation and the case has not been referred to Scotland Yard. Maria Caulfield, Minister of State for Health, said in March that police would investigate the case.

Several data experts told the publication that if a data leak occurred, staff may have been tricked using a deception technique often used by private hospitals with famous clients.

What is a decoy file?

Hospitals often use a fake name to protect VIP patients' health information. They also create a “deception file” with the celebrity's real name filled with false information, which is regularly checked to catch employees looking at it without permission.

If someone views the decoy file, it will help the hospital detect and fix data breaches. This method ensures that the personal health information of famous patients is protected from unauthorized access.

Even if information leaks, the VIP patient’s data remains confidential because the perpetrator would trust the “fake” file.

Kate Middleton underwent cancer treatment and stayed away from public life during her recovery.

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