Four guys in jeans recreate famous viral photo for new Euro 2024 advert

Four Lads in Jeans have recreated their viral 2020 photo for a Paddy Power advert ahead of the 2024 European Championships, which begin later this month


The 'Four Lads in Jeans', who were the focus of a viral meme after a photo of them took the internet by storm in 2020, have recreated their famous pose for an advert ahead of Euro 2024.

Betting company Paddy Power has the four lads posing in the same outfits they wore when their photo went viral. In a tongue-in-cheek advert, former EastEnders star Dyer Dyer (46) can be seen stripping down to his swimming trunks and pulling beer. The clip also features former England international Peter Crouch (43) as preparations continue for the tournament, which takes place in Germany later this month.

England are among the favourites to win the European Championship and their first trophy since winning the 1966 World Cup. The advert pokes fun at the Three Lions as the team to beat, even though the country may be lagging behind other teams on the continent for a number of reasons.

Four boys in the 2020 photo that became a viral meme((@fourladsinjeans/Instagram)

Paddy Power is known for its comedic promotions and this time the band mixes the notorious behaviour of the English abroad with their mocked fashion sense and the disastrous Brexit process, while asking people across Europe why they love England.

Four boys recreate the pose that made them a viral sensation((@fourladsinjeans/Instagram)

At one point in the ad, an Italian woman points out the English band's “effortless style” as the camera pans to the four boys recreating their viral pose before saying “Mamma Mia” as Jamie Phillips, Connor Humpage, Kevin Rooney and Alex Lacey come into focus.

They had shot to fame at a “boozy brunch with the lads” in Birmingham and admitted they were confused as to why they had become an internet sensation in their tight tops, bulging muscles and skinny jeans. Speaking recently about the situation they found themselves in, Connor said: “We just went to a boozy brunch with the lads and asked a stranger to take a photo of us and then suddenly it went viral. And what people don't realise is that the photo was online before it became a meme, so it was a shock to all of us. And we didn't understand, we were just wearing what everyone else was wearing at the time.”

Danny Dyer and Peter Crouch star in Paddy Power's new commercial((@fourladsinjeans/Instagram)

Connor added that they changed their style almost immediately after the photo was posted online. He said: “People have said we were out of style and wondered why we wore skinny jeans for so long, but they only see a snapshot in time. We basically stopped wearing skinny jeans immediately when the photo came out because fashion had changed.”

This isn't the first advert the guys have appeared in. They've previously appeared in commercials for McDonald's and Sony noise-cancelling headphones. They also appeared alongside comedian Jack Whitehall in a sketch filmed for the 2022 Brit Awards, where Jack also hosted.