10,000 human remains discovered on serial killer Herb Baumeister’s farm

10,000 human remains were uncovered on Herb Baumeister's property, where bones and fragments were buried on his farmland and had been there for a decade.

Human remains were found on a farm formerly owned by Herb Baumeister(Indianapolis Police Department)

A million-dollar farm in Indiana owned by a notorious serial killer has become the final resting place of a still unknown number of victims as authorities continue to try to identify the victims belonging to 10,000 human remains.

Authorities in Westfield, Indianapolis, are still trying to identify the victims unearthed on the property of Herb Baumeister, whose 18-acre property was used to bury teenagers and young men believed to have been kidnapped and murdered in the 1980s and 1990s.

The property of Baumeister, who committed suicide 30 years ago while fleeing police, is still being searched by Hamilton County officials. They confirmed that the 18 acres of Fox Hollow Farm had already been used to identify Jeffrey A. Jones, who disappeared in 1993.

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Forensic scientists have now discovered 10,000 human remains on the farm(What should I do)

He is the third victim identified in recent months, and more remains have been found in the horror house. Four more DNA profiles were discovered on Baumeister's property, bringing his victim count to 12. Hamilton County Coroner Jeff Jellison confirmed the increase in the number of victims and said the investigation had been “extremely difficult.”

“Because many of the remains were found burned and crushed, this investigation is extremely difficult; however, the team of law enforcement and forensic scientists working on the case remain dedicated,” he said. Baumeister, a married father of three and businessman, had been preying on gay youths and men in Indiana since at least 1980. He is believed to have killed at least 25 people and used the false name “Brian Smart” to lure victims he met in bars.

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