Junior doctor rescues live fish from Newcastle lawn – goes viral

The discovery of a goldfish on his garden lawn by a young doctor caused a stir on social media after he declared that he had “no idea” how the fish got there.

Dr. Ben Beska, from Newcastlemade the discovery on Saturday after he heard a group of magpies screeching and went out to investigate – and then saw the fish lying in the grass.

The NHS cardiologist hurriedly removed the fish and placed it in a freezer drawer filled with water – the only large container he could find.

Dr. Beska locked the fish away from his two pet cats, went to the nearest aquarium store and bought an aquarium for the fish.

The 33-year-old named it Alice after “it’s alive” was automatically corrected to “its name is Alice” in a text message he sent to a friend.

Dr. Beska published his discovery on X (formerly Twitter) and according to the social network's figures, the post has now been viewed over 19 million times.

He described the reaction as “crazy”, adding: “It's really quite crazy to find a fish on the lawn. I have no idea how it got into the garden…

“Then I saw this thing on the floor and thought, 'What the hell?'

“I went out and thought it was a real fish. So I took a picture to send to my fiancé and say, 'How the hell can there be a fish on the bottom?' And then it moved – I couldn't just leave it there.”

Dr. Beska said he picked up the “fluttering” fish and placed it in the freezer drawer after filling it with water.

He said: “It started swimming around, so it was alive…

“I think he was just seconds away from death, so he was lucky.”

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Dr. Beska suspects that a bird picked up the fish from a nearby pond and dropped it while carrying it away. However, the bird must have traveled a “fair distance” since there were no ponds nearby.

The Secret of the Goldfish has gone viral on X; Dr. Beska's original post received more than 174,000 likes and nearly 5,000 comments.

He said: “It is very strange, I mainly use [social media] for medical things, so that's very, very different.”

One X user even went so far as to create an account for the fish, with the username @alicebeska, which Dr. Beska described as “very funny.”

Dr. Beska now intends to keep the fish as a pet and plans to purchase a larger aquarium – and possibly another fish to keep it company.