KISS OF LIFE Natty's epic body proportions go viral

Natty's body proportions have gone viral.

In an online forum, netizens are gushing over the striking pictures of KISS OF LIFE member Natty taken by a fan at the airport. These casual shots stunned netizens as they showed Natty's real-life figure with seemingly ideal proportions, a slim waist and long legs.

Internet users commented that this might be what it feels like to “see a celebrity in person.” and noticed how her proportions deviate from the average.

They also emphasized that these images were screenshots from a video, confirming that her body proportions were unedited.

Reactions include:

“Just a GOAT. Oh, I'm so jealous. I wish I could wake up and my body looked like that.”

“It seems like all Thai idols active in K-pop have great bodies.”

“I am so proud that Natty has debuted at KIOF and is doing so well.”

“Natty looks like Cleopatra with that full fringe. She's so charming.”

“She has the perfect combination of volume, hips, waist, figure and a small face.”

“I've really liked Natty lately…my absolute favorite.”

“Wow, can you believe that the child of 'Sixteen' turned out to be such a hot girl? She's so beautiful. Natty looks like a character from an early 2000s cartoon. Crazy.”

“Why does her body, which looks 100% edited on Instagram, exist in real life?”

“Her legs are insanely long, lol.”

“Her proportions, her height and she's not too thin. She really has the ideal body… She really has everything.”

“Her proportions are unsurpassed.”

“She's so pretty, it's crazy. I've been obsessed with KIOF lately, just watching her college festivals and performances.”

“Her proportions are out of this world.”

What do you think of Natty’s stunning looks?

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