Chris Evans clarifies that he did not sign a bomb in the viral photo, but says: “It is an inert object”

Actor Chris Evans says he did not sign a bomb or a gun after social media users claimed he was photographed signing an Israeli bomb.
The “Captain America” ​​star provided a clarification in his Instagram story on Thursday: The photo was not current and was taken eight years ago when he met with members of the US armed forces.
“There is a lot of misinformation surrounding this image,” Evans said in the caption of the photo, which shows him using a felt-tip pen to sign a rocket-shaped object in the hands of a smiling U.S. Air Force officer.
“Some clarifications: This photo was taken during a USO tour in 2016. I was there with a group of actors, athletes and musicians to show our appreciation for our soldiers.
The item I was asked to sign was not a bomb, a missile or a weapon of any kind. It is an inert item used only for training or display purposes,” he added.
The 42-year-old actor also shared a screenshot of a fact check that also concluded that the item in question was “for exhibition and training purposes only.”
According to Entertainment Weekly, after the photo resurfaced, social media users accused Evans of promoting violence and assumed he had signed one of the weapons used to attack civilians in the ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas. (PTI)