Rumors about NCT Haechan's alleged connections to Han Seo Hee

Netizens are concerned about rumors that Haechan has an alleged connection with Han Seo Hee.

In an online forum, netizens commented on a post with photos from former idol trainee Han Seo Hee's Instagram story. Han Seo Hee is notorious in the Korean entertainment industry for her ongoing scandals involving alleged relationships with well-known male idols and actors, her ex-girlfriend Jung Da Eun, as well as drug scandals, adult entertainment venues, and YG Entertainment's Yang Hyun Suk.

According to a netizen, Han Seo Hee posted a photo of two dogs, with the Pomeranian corresponding to the dog currently living with NCT Haechan's parents. The photo was compared to a shot of Haechan holding the dog.

Although netizens could not confirm whether this is a dating rumor, the alleged connection between the idol and Han Seo Hee is causing a stir.

A netizen also shared a photo of Han Seo Hee's phone, which appears to have a picture of NCT's Jaehyun as the wallpaper.

However, some netizens argued that Han Seo Hee may only have ties to the NCT members as a fan, considering that she follows Jaehyun, TaehyungHaechan and others on social media.

Others pointed out the significant age difference between Han Seo Hee and the NCT members and said it was unlikely that she would enter into a romantic relationship with any of them.

Meanwhile, netizens pointed out that despite Han Seo Hee and entertainment companies threatening legal action against the rumors, no one has heeded his words.

Reactions include:

“Seeing them as friends is such a turn-off.”

“Are you telling me that Han Seo Hee is just such a fan of NCT that she went all the way to Haechan's parent's house to take a photo with her dog?? LOL, Haechan fans are going crazy over this mess.”

“If they really just hang out with NCT and RIIZE members instead of trying to create drama and get attention, then the male SM idols must have really low standards.”

“Han Seo Hee's wallpaper is Jaehyun lol. She wouldn't have Jaehyun as her wallpaper if she was dating Haechan and she referred to herself as NCTzen in a comment. It looks like Han Seo Hee and Haechan's ex-girlfriend are just making drama and trying to get attention.”

“It seems like Han Seo Hee likes NCT. She follows Jaehyun, Taeyong, Haechan, and others.”

“But isn’t she in her 30s?”

“These people constantly act like attention seekers because they always get so much attention.”

“Lol but seriously, RIIZE and NCT are not like the guys you see at internet cafes. Do you think they would hang out with her? She's practically a 30-year-old woman.”

“Their dogs are different, their houses are different, and Haechan has a lot of money. Don't hate each other for no reason, they're probably just friends.”

What are your thoughts?

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