Viral video shows window cleaners 'stranded' on Beijing Tower in China during severe storm | Watch

Footage of the sudden storm in Beijing, China, shows how routine cleaning work turned into a terrible ordeal for crew members.

In the viral video, workers wrestle with the force of the wind and swing dangerously high above the ground on their ropes. The video vividly illustrates the relentless power of the wind sweeping through the city.

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The Shanghai Daily newspaper wrote on X: “High-altitude maintenance workers were seen swaying in the strong wind outside the CCTV headquarters in Beijing's central business district on Thursday. We hope for their safety.”

Watch the video here:

The CCTV Tower is a landmark of Beijing, 234 meters high and covering an extensive area of ​​473,000 square meters.

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At the same time, the National Weather Service issued numerous warnings as thunderstorms and strong winds hit the capital. These gusts were accompanied by light rain, and due to the sweltering temperatures, the city remained under red alert.

One user commented: “Damn, you can't work in this job when it's windy and raining.” Another wrote: “A bit like Mad Max.”

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One user wrote: “This costs extra money!” Another expressed concern, asking: “Don't you check the weather report when you do this kind of work?”

Some internet users called it “dangerous,” and others said, “If the rope gets around your neck, it's game over.”

At the time of this writing, the video documenting the dramatic storm has been viewed over 1.1 million times, commented on 462 times, reposted 799 times, and received 4,600 likes.

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