Manyland full version free download

Manyland full version free download

Welcome to Manyland, an open universe that we invent and live together! In an infinite world of abundance, we create new things by drawing them, build new places, hang out and chat, collect, make music, party, script objects, have adventures… and have fun together in ways none of us can predict.

“AWESOME…it’s so much fun to explore, build, interact and create ART. There are so many different things in this world to do” – Joshua C.

“Exploring the world is great fun” – Massively

“The most exciting game I've played so far, especially because of the freedom to create your own world.” -Cosmin

“I love this game!!” – Carie Corman

Drawing, building, making music, partying, swimming, writing interactive objects and adventures, playing sports, inventing puzzles, playing, exploring… Manyland is an open universe with no predefined story, theme or goal… it will be what we make of it!

Every pixel you see in Manyland is built by all of us together as a community. We are two independent developers and this is our heart's work. Your satisfaction is always our top priority! We refuse to compromise on pay to win… let's show the world that we can have a universe that is both sustainable and makes us all proud! Over 100 million blocks have already been placed by all of us, but we are waiting for one more person: you. If you have anything, please email us at [email protected] (a note about service availability).

Manyland full version free download

How do I install the game?

1. Click the “Download Game” button.
2. Download the Manyland installer (supports resumable downloads).
3. Open the installer, click Next and select the installation directory.
4. Download the full version of the game to the directory you specified.
5. Open the game and enjoy it.

If you encounter any problem while running “Manyland”, please leave a comment below and I will reply as soon as possible.