Man goes viral after discovering 'cursed' back rooms at Denver airport

A man has gone viral on TikTok after posting a video describing how he accidentally got lost in the infamous back rooms of Denver Airport.

TikToker and vlogger Hollow Hollis went viral after accidentally stumbling upon the infamous hidden back rooms of Denver Airport.

Denver is Colorado's largest airport and is visited by millions of people every day, but thanks to these hidden rooms, the place has also become the subject of numerous conspiracy theories.

As Hollis tried to find his gate, he accidentally found himself in the middle of these tunnels and back rooms. The content creator filmed his reaction, which instantly went viral on the app, garnering 7.9 million views in just over 24 hours and hitting the 16 million viewer mark at the time of writing.

Hollis accompanied the video with an eerie-sounding audio, beginning the footage by saying, “I didn't stumble upon the back rooms of Denver Airport by accident.” He then panned the camera around to show the sterile-looking locations.

“This shit just keeps going on and on. The ceilings are all so low,” before later revealing: “It says there's a gate right there, but there's nothing here. This airport is just so damn weird.”

For years, rumors and urban legends have circulated online about what goes on beneath Colorado's largest airport. There are claims that the airport's underground tunnels are home to a secret city, lizard people, aliens, to name a few.

Others believe that the tunnel serves as an underground bunker where the world's richest and most famous people would retreat in the event of an apocalypse.

Other TikTok users quickly flooded the comments with their thoughts on Denver Airport's infamous hidden rooms.

One viewer commented, “Denver airport is so scary,” while another added, “Denver airport is a portal to an evil place.”

According to Denver airport officials, these hidden rooms simply house “a lot of luggage,” but that doesn’t stop people from developing more conspiracy theories about their true purpose.