Teenager caught attacking police officer in viral clip arrested

Police on Sunday evening arrested a teenager who they believe was filmed attacking a traffic policeman in Kasarani.

Several clips shared on social media went viral for most of the day.

The clips show the suspect attacking a police officer in an incident along Kamiti Road in Nairobi.

The suspect, now identified as Ian Njoroge, was arrested from his hideout in Kayole Estate.

Police said the 19-year-old suspect faces charges including attempted murder.

The attacked traffic policeman is currently recovering at Mama Lucy Kibaki Hospital.

According to police reports, the suspect was armed with a sword when he attacked the officer.

The incident occurred when the officer was attempting to escort the suspect to Kasarani Police Station for a traffic violation.

This prompted the officer to approach the vehicle to clear the road for other users.

However, when the driver saw the officer and tried to flee, he got into an emergency situation in which he misjudged the situation and crashed into the curb and got stuck.

While attempting to free the vehicle from the curb, the officer entered the vehicle and instructed the driver to drive to the police station.

“When we reached the QuickMart (supermarket), the driver suddenly stopped and pulled out a sword from under the seat. The officer jumped out of the vehicle for his safety and the driver followed him, punching and kicking,” a police report said.

During the scuffle, the suspect is said to have stolen the battery of the police officer's cell phone, which has not yet been recovered.

One of the occupants who was in the suspect's vehicle during the attack is also in police custody.

A police officer briefed on the investigation said the suspect was arrested in the Jacaranda neighbourhood as he was allegedly planning to move away.

“He knew he was wanted and had contacted a friend to help him move from his Balozi property to the Jacaranda property,” our source said.