Video of child secretly eating food from the fridge has been viewed over 3 million times

Viral video of the day: Baby froze in the same position when caught eating a cinnamon roll.

We just can't resist raiding the fridge for a little snack late at night. Well, it seems like age is no barrier when it comes to digging in the fridge for a tasty snack. A recent video shared by an Instagram user @maserati_maine shows a little girl standing on a shelf of a half-open fridge, secretly devouring a cinnamon roll. She was caught red-handed, but she had a plan. The child stood there like a statue, avoiding any eye contact and not even responding to a tap on her arm. The clip was shared along with the caption, “Nah these new kids are EVIL and then she'll just stand there like y'all can't see me if I don't move.”

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Watch the full video here:

The video caused an uproar online, with users pointing out the child's hilarious reaction after being caught eating. “She thought she had become invisible,” read one comment, accompanied by a handful of laughing emoticons.

This user joked: “Shaking it made it freeze and become invisible!!!”

“'If I don't see her, she doesn't see me.' (Laughing emoticons),” read one comment.

Some called the toddler the “Mannequin Challenge Champion.”

Another said: “She did the mannequin challenge real quick (laughing emojis).”

Many could identify with the little girl and it reminded them of their own childhood.

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