Suspected killer of Audrey Fang confirmed as sole CPF beneficiary

Mitchell Ong confirmed as CPF beneficiary of Audrey Fang following her murder in Spain

Mitchell Ong, the 43-year-old man suspected of murdering fellow countrywoman Audrey Fang in Spain, was a beneficiary of her Central Provident Fund (CPF) savings.

A court in Cieza received confirmation from Singapore's CPF Board that Ms Fang had named Ong as the sole beneficiary of her CPF funds.

Spanish authorities arrested Ong after Ms Fang was found dead with 30 stab wounds in Abanilla on April 10.

Suspect listed as CPF beneficiary

Spanish news portal La Verdad reported that the Cieza court confirmed Ong as Ms Fang's CPF beneficiary on May 16.

Her CPF savings reportedly amounted to €340,000 (S$498,000).

Source: AGENCIA EFE on YouTube

The court had previously requested financial information about Ms Fang and Ong from the Singapore authorities.

A judge emphasised the relevance of this information and pointed out its importance in determining Ong's status as Ms Fang's CPF beneficiary.

The CPF, as the Ministry of Manpower explains, is a mandatory social security savings program funded by contributions from employers and employees.

In the event of death, the savings are transferred to the registered beneficiaries.

Unknown CPF beneficiary specified in iPad note

Before the judge requested financial information about the victim and the suspect, investigators found a note on Ms Fang's iPad indicating that she intended to name an unknown person as the beneficiary of her CPF.

The note read: “I would like to make it clear that I have decided to nominate you for my CPF because you are my long-time friend and loyal confidant.”

The note was reportedly dated March 24 – less than three weeks before she was found dead.

Source: Catch Dirou on Facebook

Spanish police also confirmed that there was an attempt to make changes to Ms Fang's CPF account in March before her trip to Spain.

Ong is currently in custody in a prison in Murcia and refuses to comment on the case.

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Featured image adapted from AGENCIA EFE on YouTube and Fang Dirou on Facebook.