Social media is in turmoil after Kevin Durant's fake Tinder profile goes viral

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The world of social media is a unique place where factually accurate information counteracts misinformation around clickbait. For example, Phoenix Suns star Kevin Durant was targeted by a parody account that claimed he had an online dating profile.

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According to an account on X (formerly Twitter) called “Hater Report,” they took a screenshot of “NBA Centel,” another parody account, and posted that Durant allegedly has a profile on the popular dating app Tinder.

In response, according to the image, Durant criticized the account, saying, “Look at these clowns and think this is real.”

At the time of reporting, there is no evidence that the Tinder profile is real due to the many falsehoods that “NBA Centel” is known for. “The account “NBA Centel” was flagged by X himself for false information in posts and based on the language used in the profile, this can be safely classified as false.”

Durant deleted his reply because it does not appear when searching under the original post.

The post is not gaining popularity on social media, has been viewed 2.4 million times on X and has people wondering if they want to believe it or just ignore it. However, with Durant debunking the rumor, it is just another rumor added to the list of “NBA Centel” with no credible sources.

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