Philmar Alipayo speaks to content creator about controversial viral TikTok video • PhilSTAR Life

Philmar Alipayo has spoken out about the controversial viral TikTok video involving him and content creator Crissa Liaging.

The champion surfer told his side of the story through Young Abunda on May 31st.

“What happened was that I, Philmar, was on the video having a friendly conversation with this girl and that was it, so Philmar and Andi are together,” the host said.

Abunda added that the couple initially laughed at the viral video, but what bothered them was that “it was edited and uploaded to cause a problem.”

This happened after Andi posted a cryptic Instagram story indirectly referencing the now-defunct viral video.

“He can go out with his friends, have a drink every now and then, and chat with whoever he wants. That can't hurt,” Andi wrote on Monday, May 27, in her now-expired story.

“What is shameful is intentionally posting and editing a video to create a stir, disturb people's peace and drag them into their negativity just to get some attention on social media,” she added.

The original poster and the woman in the video Crissa denied the rumors around her and Philmar via a TikTok video.

“You have to start by solving the most important problems in social media. “This is bad enough, but I have never spent so much money,” she said in Bisaya.

The TikTok user also admitted her mistake of not keeping her distance from Philmar, but stressed that they were not flirting in the posted video.

“No flirting in everyday life just because we are in a public place. And please tell me how Philmar should behave and how he should act. 'Ang mali ko lang talaga, no ako dumistansya,' she explained.

Crissa reiterated that Philmar has a family of his own and admitted that she was “overwhelmed” because she didn't expect him to know her.

Andi and Philmar went public for the first time in 2018. They got engaged two years later and have two children, Lilo and Koa.

The two have an upcoming contribution for the special segment of My mother, my story which is scheduled to be released on June 9th.