Cuban woman charms TikTok with “Marca Mandarina” dance with her daughter and newborn

The young Cuban woman, Maylin Pozohas garnered a flood of praise and recognition for a new video with her daughter on TikTok. The heartwarming moment was celebrated on social media not only for the usual tenderness and bond between mother and daughter, but above all because it was her first time Newborn Baby at one of her regular dances.

“This is what it looks like six days after giving birth,” wrote the Cuban woman, who was United States about the video, which received almost 19,000 likes and over 700 comments just four days after it was shared.

The clip shows the mother full of energy enjoying a special moment with her children. In the video, the little girl follows her mother's steps while she holds the baby in her arms. The joy and tenderness of the moment have touched many who did not hesitate to express their admiration and surprise in the comments section.

“Wow, already dancing at six days! My teeth still hurt”; “Congratulations”; “If you recorded it, I want to see the princess's reaction when she saw the baby”; “Many congratulations, congratulations”; “Oh my God, thank you and congratulations to the family that dances already in the womb”; “Many congratulations and blessings to this wonderful family”; “Congratulations, how beautiful”; “You are so strong, already dancing. Another dancer in the family”; “How beautiful, many congratulations and blessings”, were some of the reactions to the young woman's sweet moment with her children.

“Congratulations. I've missed you already. All the best to the beautiful new member of the family.”; “Congratulations, the new member will be dancing soon.”; “All the best to the new member.”; “I love the look on this princess' face,” others added.

The virality of the video has moved users not only because of the young mother's quick recovery, but also because of the love and family bond it conveys. In a short time, the content has been viewed and shared thousands of times, once again highlighting the power of social media to connect and move people with real and emotional stories.

Maylin Pozo's viral TikTok dance with her newborn

Here are some common questions and answers about the viral TikTok video of Maylin Pozo dancing with her daughter and newborn baby.

Who is Maylin Pozo?

Maylin Pozo is a young Cuban woman living in the US who gained attention on TikTok with her heartwarming dance videos with her daughter and, more recently, her newborn baby.

What song did they dance to?

They danced to the song “Marca Mandarina”.

How quickly did the video go viral?

The video went viral in just four days, garnering nearly 19,000 likes and over 700 comments.

What were the reactions to the video?

The reactions were overwhelmingly positive, with many users expressing admiration for Maylin's quick recovery, the family's solidarity and the tender moment between mother and children.