Street vendor makes Jhal Muri in an empty paint bucket, video goes viral

A few days ago, a video of a street vendor making 'Dosas Rajnikanth style' went viral on Instagram. His speed in preparing this popular dish earned him the nickname comparing him to the superstar (read the full story here). Recently, another street vendor's distinctive way of preparing a snack has caught the interest of social media users. However, it is not his theatricality but the lack of hygiene that has attracted more attention. Read more about it below.
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In the video by @original_food01, we see a street vendor adding a handful of different ingredients into an empty paint bucket. The ingredients are stored in plastic bags that line three sides of his food stall. After the dry ingredients are added, he theatrically adds some pani (a liquid) to the mixture and starts mixing all the ingredients vigorously. The caption of the viral post reads: “Dolly Vai Style Celebrity Jhalmuri Wala Of Bangladesh”. Watch the full video here:

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The video has been viewed over 14 million times so far. Some people were reminded of Dolly Chaiwala, the viral sensation from Nagpur. Some joked that this seller was another version of Dolly Chaiwala or related to him.

One person wrote: “Dolly ka bhai mil gaya” [“Found Dolly’s brother”.] However, others were concerned about the food stall's unhygienic practices. Here are some of the comments:

“Bro thinks he's the main character.”

“Bro thinks he's actually doing something.”

“This guy is hoping Elon will visit him.”

“Bro likes to make people sick.”

“The paint bucket adds extra spice.”

“Double meaning: performance killer.”

“Produce food or waste food?”

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