Parents' heartwarming welcome to their daughter goes viral: “This is how it's done”

When adulthood gets difficult, it's incredibly important to have parents who will step in.

A video posted on TikTok by Isabel Taylor (@isabelgeorginataylor) has gone viral for showing the warm welcome she received when she came home to see her parents after more than a year. Taylor, 28, told Newsweek about the qualities her parents have that make her feel loved and cared for. Since it was posted a week ago, Taylor's video has received over 207,000 views and over 17,000 likes.

“Appearance [Point of view}: The bare minimum is never gonna be enough because you have parents like this,” Taylor captioned the video, beginning with a photo of her parents picking her up at the airport. “Picking me up from the airport at 3:00 AM even though I offered to get a hotel and come on the train…Mom and dad showing you how it’s done.”

From left: Isabel Taylor’s mom and dad greet her in the TikTok video; and her mother makes sourdough. The clip has gone viral for showing the efforts of her parents after reuniting with them after…


Taylor told Newsweek that her parents’ efforts to welcome her home—which included snacks and blankets for the car ride home; her childhood bedroom made up with fairy lights; bundles of skin care and freshly baked sourdough—reflects who they are as people.

“Dad is British, and mom is Greek,” Taylor said. “They’ve always been like this… I would say I am a split down the middle mix of them both, but I am particularly like my mom. I love to host and to look after people and make sure they’re well-fed and happy.”

In terms of parenting styles, though, Taylor said her parents took on more “traditional” roles during her childhood. While her father worked and provided for what the family needed, her mother was a caretaker for the children. Personality-wise, the two parents are night and day.

“They are very different as parents—dad is calm and levelheaded and logical,” Taylor said. “Mom is creative, and a little southern Mediterranean, temperament-wise, let’s say.”

A Reunion After Over a Year

Taylor lives in Athens, where she moved three years ago. She lived with her parents until she was 20, she said, but now, she can’t get enough of her visits home.

“I landed in London super late on a delayed flight from Athens where I live. I hadn’t been home since September and I’d had Covid, so really it was the first time I was back properly in over a year,” Taylor said. “I’d been at home one week exactly with them—not long enough.”

Taylor said she has a deep relationship with her parents, but not without growing pains. “We didn’t always have such a good relationship,” she added. “It was a bit rough when I was a teenager and up to no good, but it’s really blossomed as I’ve got older.”

Despite the mutual longing for family, though, Taylor knows her parents are there whenever she needs them—and her parents are always happy to receive her on the other side.

“I could call them at 5 a.m. in trouble and they would drop everything and come to me,” Taylor said. “I miss them terribly.”