“Fauci in jail”: Grandma goes viral after epic troll

An elderly woman is causing a stir for wearing a T-shirt that read “Jail Fauci” while sitting directly behind Dr. Anthony Fauci during his House Oversight Committee hearing on Monday.

As pictures on social media show, the woman was sitting just one row behind Fauci and six or seven seats to his left.

The woman, whose identity has not yet been confirmed, will join Fauci at the United States Capitol on Monday to attend his landmark testimony before the House Oversight Committee's Special Subcommittee on Covid. (RELATED: Fauci's top adviser admits he did no research into possible lab leak, despite claiming it definitely didn't happen)

A bipartisan group of lawmakers pressed Fauci on a range of issues related to the pandemic, including apparent attempts by his adviser David Morens to evade Freedom of Information Act requests.

A heated exchange with Georgia Republican Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, in which she refused to call him doctor, ended with her agreeing with the elderly woman's statement on her T-shirt, claiming, “You belong in jail, Dr. Fauci.”