Sam Walker was attacked for mocking a serial killer

Comedian Sam Walker couldn't have known that the government would have a problem with him lampooning a convicted serial killer, but after already finding himself in the crosshairs of activists for a previously weaponized joke, escalation seemed inevitable.

Walker is part of a comedy troupe called the Danger Cats, and they've been in the spotlight for all the wrong reasons. Of course, in the comedy world, getting canceled isn't always a bad thing, but the government doesn't usually comment on a comedian's jokes either.

The Danger Cats first encountered their perpetually affronted activist opponents when band member Brendan “Uncle Hack” Blacquier made a joke about aboriginal boarding schools run by the Catholic Church. The roast battle joke was years old, but a Facebook video dug the 10-second riff out of the archives and sparked renewed outrage.

The Danger Cats and the venues where they performed received death threats, arson threats, and other threats of violence in response to the prank.

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“We went to every city they didn't want us in,” Walker told Blaze News. The constant threat of being silenced by “Bolshevik censors” trying to suppress “subversive thoughts” makes being a comedian “the most dangerous profession in the world right now,” he continued.

At the risk of sounding exaggerated, not only has the state-funded media acted as referees of the jokes during the Danger Cats saga, but even sitting government officials have demanded apologies from the comedians.

Walker also pointed out that “government-paid activists” are running scams to get funds to fight “hate.” To feel insulted, the same groups also poked fun at another old joke.

“Comedians stand by in sheer shock and horror and watch what happens to us.”

Just like the previous joke that sparked completely unorganized protests, according to Walker, state media chose a joke about a serial killer and a merchandise product to continue the smear campaign, hoping to provoke even more performances by the comedians.

“For the last four or five years, I've been telling a joke about Robert Pickton; people forget about this guy. He went to prison in 2006, convicted of six counts of murder, and is serving a life sentence,” he explained. “I like to make people aware of very dark and terrible things and make jokes about them to take away their power. And about a year ago, I commissioned a designer to design a T-shirt, and then when he was up for parole, the politicians hit the panic button and shirked their responsibility by putting it on us. They focused on the T-shirt and branded us as bad, terrible people.”

Pickton was allegedly found guilty of the premeditated murder of six women in 2007 and accused of murdering twenty more women until the charges were dropped in 2010.

The state broadcaster CBC picked up on the T-shirt mocking the murderer and pointed to a petition with only 2,000 signatures as evidence of the widespread outrage against the comedy group.

“This group is known for profiting from the tragedy of serial killer Willie Pickton by producing and selling T-shirts that exploit the murdered and missing Indigenous women and other women who were his victims,” ​​the petition states. “Their act also includes content such as boarding schools and mass graves of Indigenous people, which is completely unacceptable.”

As protesters stood outside the venue in Vancouver, Canada, the group's third member, Brett Forte, mocked the protester's leader for only having three minutes of footage.

“It's hard to fill a 10-minute set. Three minutes and she's out. I mean, now she understands it's a hard job. Now she's doing stretches, now she has to work with the audience. It's not an easy job,” he joked.

“Deeply” disappointing for the government

“The government media has started slandering and defaming us without any evidence,” Walker said. “They have nothing to back up as far as crime or anything. They couldn't even tell you a single joke we make,” he explained. But his explanation is certainly valid.

The government report alleged that the Danger Cats' stand-up act included derogatory remarks about residential school survivors. Not only were these old remarks not part of a stand-up act, they also did not disparage anyone but the comedian on stage. Continual misinformation about the jokes led to eight cancellations, arson threats, and even elected officials speaking out about the comedians.

British Columbia Premier (equivalent to Governor) David Eby took an unprecedented step by addressing the comedians in an official capacity during a press conference.

“I really encourage this group to think again about this sad attempt at humor and apologize to the families of the victims because those are the people they really hurt,” Eby said, according to the Hope Standard.

“I saw the T-shirt that this group is promoting… All I can say is how deeply disappointed I am at the idea that the lives of vulnerable women can be trivialized in this way. These are women with families and friends who were murdered and whose lives were then ignored, and the fact that they were viewed as… less valuable, less human, was one of the reasons that Mr. Pickton was able to operate on them and kill them with impunity for so many years.”

Walker was undeterred by official government platitudes. He said he knew he had hit a sore spot when he saw Eby taking his time while at the morgue “counting bodies suffering from fentanyl overdoses from government-funded drugs given to middle school students.”

“Apparently he is a connoisseur of stand-up comedy in this country and he asked us to apologize for a joke he had never heard of, which his little lackeys wrote down in pencil and gave to him in the Coles Notes.”

“It's all about the servitude of the ruling class. They want this country to be second-class citizens who obey their orders and do their bidding.”

Despite the spectacular exploits, very few comedians have expressed support for the group, says Walker, and there are fears that they could soon be targeted by the government and activists if one of their jokes “falls foul with the Thought Police and the Rainbow Brigade.”

“Comedians stand by in sheer shock and horror watching what is happening to us… and they are in the same boat as us,” Walker explained.

The immigration crisis is a skilled labor crisis

After years as a construction contractor, Walker was now working on preparations for the 2010 Winter Olympics. No, not as an athlete, although he would say he could have done that if he had wanted to.

After the games, Walker returned to work. But something had changed. Wages had fallen significantly and the majority of employees on projects such as housing were foreign workers.

“I looked around the industry and what had happened was this: A certain nationality and group had imported huge amounts of unskilled workers, and these people came in teams of 10 or 20 and worked for pennies an hour, a few dollars a day.”

Walker added that standards had dropped dramatically and inferior products had emerged.

“They undercut every big contract in the Lower Mainland [of British Columbia] hundreds of thousands, if not millions of dollars less. I was no longer earning a living wage; I could barely survive.”

The comedian echoed the sentiments of many immigration critics who not only say that immigrants themselves are being exploited and given false promises, but that mass immigration has also diluted the labor market with “cheap, unskilled foreign labor,” eliminating entry-level positions, he added.

“This is all in service of the enslavement of the ruling class,” Walker continued. “They want second-class citizens in this country who will obey their orders and do their bidding. This is an immigrant country, but you speak the language, you respect the laws and you're a skilled worker; you're a contributing factor. These people do nothing but take, take, take. People are very upset about this because it's visually disturbing to see an underclass emerge from the darkness.”

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