The Google Play Store may soon remind you to open the app you just downloaded

Edgar Cervantes / Android Authority

In brief

  • Google is working on a reminder feature for the Play Store that will remind you to open the app you just downloaded but haven't opened yet.
  • The reminder will be sent within 24 hours of downloading the app (not opening it) and you will not receive more than two reminders per unopened new app.
  • The reminder feature is currently not active and will be made available to users later.

The Google Play Store is one of the main pillars of the Android experience. Although you can install apps without it, most users rely solely on the Play Store to download apps. But thanks to Android's multitasking capabilities, many of us run into situations where we download and install an app, but forget to actually initialize and run it. Google is working on a feature for these situations where the Play Store will remind you to open the app you just downloaded but never opened.

A APK teardown helps predict features that might be included in a service in the future based on code in progress. However, such predicted features may not make it into a public release.

Google Play Store v41.2.21 points to a new App Open Reminder feature. In the future, if you download an app but forget to open it within 24 hours, the Google Play Store will send you a reminder notification that your app has been installed and is ready to use.

If the user dismisses the notification and still does not open the app, the Play Store will remind the user again after some time. However, after two reminders, there will be no more reminders about that installed app based on the code we saw in the app. The reminders feature will continue to send reminders about other newly installed apps up to the maximum limit of two reminders per app.

This feature is handy for people who like to queue app downloads and have chosen to install apps over Wi-Fi. Usually, the phone will download the apps, but the user may not notice it right away. There are also people like me who install apps and then move on to other activities, completely forgetting the app installed (and the reason for installing that app). A reminder would be good in such situations.

The reminder feature is not currently available on the Google Play Store. Google is currently testing it in the app, so it may be available soon.

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