Steam offers you 9/10 free games to download during Pride month

This has become an annual tradition for the studio

To celebrate Pride Month, a critically acclaimed game has been released for free on Steam, and you can keep it for the entire month of June.

In case you haven't noticed, June is officially Pride Month, which is when many brands suddenly act like they care about LGBTQ+ rights by changing their profile picture to a rainbow.

Luckily, there are some companies out there that care about representation and walk the talk, which is why Steam users can currently grab a free game.

tell me why is an episodic adventure title about Tyler Ronan and his twin sister Alyson. Tyler is a trans man and the game delves into his life and how being transgender has affected him both in the present and the past. Players are given insight into Tyler and Alyson's childhoods and can experience what the twins experienced. It's rare to see trans characters take center stage in a AAA video game, so the fact that the developer has released the game for free is pretty significant.

The title was developed by Don't Nod, who are primarily known as developers of Life is strange and the upcoming Lost Records: Blossom and Rage. The developer simply asks players not to pay money for the game, but to donate it to charity.

“It's that time of year again: tell me why is free throughout June 2024 in honor of Pride Month,” the developer wrote on X (formerly Twitter).

“As in years past, we ask that you donate your money and support to trans artists, trans-inclusive charities in your community, and trans people in need.”

The developer has been offering the game for free during Pride Month since 2021, always asking players to use the money they would have spent to support trans people in other ways.

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