Cumulus, Signal Hill Podcast Download Spring Report 2024

Cumulus, Signal Hill Podcast Download Spring Report 2024

Insights into Cumulus Media and Signal Hill

Cumulus Media, in collaboration with Signal Hill Insights, has released its Podcast Download – Spring 2024 Report, an evaluation of the latest podcast listening trends. This twelfth edition of the study, which examines the habits of weekly podcast consumers, has found that podcast consumption is underestimated due to co-listening with friends, family and children.

“Since podcast advertising was introduced, sales estimates based on downloads, listeners or views have never taken into account a device shared by multiple people,” said Lauren Vetrano, VP, Advertiser Measurement & Insights at Cumulus Media | Westwood One Audio Active Group. “What we've found is that podcasts are actually quite commonly listened to together.”

She added: “Whether it's kids, friends or family, the podcast industry is keeping its ears open. There's a broader consumption story to tell because it's not just one person per download. For agencies and media planners, being able to examine collaborative listening by genre or podcast can provide invaluable insights into how to reach the true audience.”

Another key finding of the report is that marketers who specifically target people with a side job are particularly likely to find these people among their podcast listeners.

“Side hustles are a growing phenomenon and we're seeing podcast consumers have them, especially heavy podcast consumers and people ages 18 to 34,” said Paul Riismandel, chief insights officer of Signal Hill Insights. “Many of these people are actually small business owners. At the same time, we're seeing increasing interest from advertisers in this audience segment. This is further proof that podcasts are an effective way to reach them.”

The Spring 2024 edition offers insights for content creators and advertisers. Some highlights from the report:

  • Podcast consumption is underestimated due to listening together with friends, family and children
  • Co-listening varies by genre: Podcast genres that more frequently attract co-listeners include kids/family, reunion podcasts, and fiction
  • Marketers targeting people with a side job will find a high concentration among men, heavy users and podcast consumers between the ages of 18 and 34.
  • Podcast pioneers and women like to listen to old and missed episodes
  • YouTube has been the most used platform for listening to podcasts in the US over the past year and a half: 31% say it is the platform they use most often, followed by Spotify (21%) and Apple (12%).
  • As the world's entertainment search engine, YouTube is the leading podcast discovery platform where audiences are most likely to find podcasts.

The podcast download from Cumulus Media and Signal Hill Insights – the Spring 2024 report is available for download in full here.