How to make TikTok's viral Sunset Rouge trend work, according to creator Alissa Janay

Alissa Janay

Summer is here and with it comes the desire for sun-kissed skin and natural radiance. This season, the makeup world is radiating warmth with the sunset blush trend. A beautiful technique inspired by the fiery hues of the sky, it blends pink and orange tones to create a three-dimensional and flattering blush.

Although layering blush is nothing new, rising beauty star Alissa Janay captivates her 900,000 followers with her innovative and vibrant looks, including this one. “The first time I saw an orange blush, I got the idea! I thought it would be fun to create a sunset ombre using those colors and cream blush,” Janay tells ESSENCE. “I never thought that would happen!” [go viral] I just had fun with makeup. It makes me happy that I was able to inspire so many people to have fun and experiment with makeup.” Her joy and authenticity shine through and make her an inspiration to many.

Since then, she's taken TikTok by storm, with a video that's garnered over eight million views and seen thousands of women copy the look. Why? Because not only does it look stunning, it's surprisingly easy to achieve. “It's super simple! I do two pink and two orange dots and add the gold highlighter,” Janay explains. Using this method, the colors blend seamlessly, creating a three-dimensional gradient effect that mimics the warm hues of a setting sun.

Whether you're looking for a way to jazz up your blush for an upcoming rooftop party or a summer wedding, Janay has you covered. Below, the content writer shares her top tips for recreating the viral sunset blush look.

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Use cream-based products

The key is in the placement and blending of the colors for a smooth transition on the cheeks. For the best results, the creator recommends using cream products. “They blend effortlessly and create a dewy finish that enhances the ombre effect,” she explains. Her drugstore favorites include Elf for the blush and Milani for a gorgeous gold highlighter. Cream blush is ideal for this look because it blends effortlessly and creates a dewy finish that enhances the ombre effect.

Choose the right shades

To match the sunset blush to your skin tone, Janay recommends: “For lighter skin tones, replace the peach and orange with a lighter peach and a softer pink. Opt for a champagne highlighter instead of gold.” So everyone can enjoy this radiant look!

Make sure the blush stays in place

To keep your blusher looking radiant all day long, Janay recommends using a setting spray. “Avoid powder – it can dull the look. A good setting spray will set everything without affecting the dewy finish.”