Viral encounter between moose and Chihuahua is the love story we need

Love happens when you least expect it.

A viral encounter between a moose and a Chihuahua in the backyard of an Alaskan home is capturing the hearts of social media.

Moose meets Chihuahua

TikTok user @imnotsoanonymous shared a video late last month of her 6-pound Chihuahua wandering around her fenced yard. The little dog starts barking when viewers see a giant moose run into the frame.

The two greet each other from their respective sides of the fence, both looking ready to play (or perhaps stalemate).

The video was a hit on the social media platform, garnering over 25.5 million views in less than a week.

The short video spawned several TikTok duets in which users delivered entertaining versions of the Chihuahua/moose rendezvous.

Robert Anton Strobel is a TikToker who composes what he describes as “inspirational music.” Strobel used his piano to turn the viral encounter into a sweet love story.

While the idea of ​​the two creatures falling in love sounds like the plot of the next big Disney movie, an updated video shows there's more to the story.

The real reason for the fight between moose and Chihuahua

The dog's owner has since posted two more videos that provide additional background information on the encounter with the moose.

Shortly after the moose cow visited the farm, she returned with a baby, which she probably wanted to protect from the small but loud Chihuahua.

The baby was actually born in the dog owner's garden.

“I thought she was just laying down and didn't realize she was having a baby until suddenly there was a baby,” said @imnotsoanonymous in the comments section of her post.

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Mom and baby continue to visit the neighborhood while the little one practices his walking skills.

Hopefully your Chihuahua friend will be a little calmer next time.

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