Eminem refers to the shooting of Megan Thee Stallion in new song

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UPDATE, 03.06.24, 11:20 a.m. ET:

Eminem recruited his famous friends for a star-studded “Houdini” music video.

Pete Davidson, 50 cents, Snoop Dogg and comedian Shane Gillis all have a cameo appearance in the video that is easy to miss. The video began with Eminem receiving a call from Dr Dre – a callback to the music video “Without Me” from 2002.

The original story continues below:

Fans aren't sure what to think Eminem Upbringing Megan Thee Stallion And Tory Lanez's Shooting in his new single.

In the song “Houdini,” released on Friday, May 31, Eminem, 51, raps: “If I asked Megan Thee Stallion to collaborate with me / Would I really have a chance at a feat / I don't know, but I'm glad to be back.”

The line appears to refer to Lanez, 31, who is accused of shooting Megan, 29, in the foot after they left a party in Kylie Jenner's House in July 2020. After the incident, Megan underwent surgery to remove shrapnel from her left foot.

While some fans didn't take this comment seriously, as Eminem is known for slamming other celebrities in his songs, others felt that he went too far in addressing the incident.

“Imagine talking about someone’s trauma AND it’s not even a bar,” wrote one user about XAnother added: “Yeah that was disgusting, especially coming from a grown man. Just unnecessary.”

Megan herself has not commented on the song yet.

Eminem's release of “Houdini” comes nearly three months after Lanez filed an appeal after being found guilty of shooting Megan in both feet.

In court documents obtained by We weeklyLanez's lawyers cited “improper admission of evidence” and “prosecutory misconduct” as reasons for the appeal.

Prior to his appeal, Lanez was charged and sentenced to 10 years in prison for the incident. In August 2023, Lanez spoke before judge David Herrifordasked for forgiveness and explained that Megan is “still very dear to him to this day” and that she is his “friend”.

Although Megan was not present at the hearing, a written statement was read on her behalf explaining that she had chosen not to attend the hearing to protect her mental well-being.

“Not only did he shoot me, he also ridiculed my trauma. He tried to portray himself as a victim and wanted to destroy my character and soul,” her message said. “He lied to anyone who would listen and paid bloggers to spread false information about the case on social media.”

The statement continued: “He has released music videos and songs to damage my reputation and continue his crusade. First he tried to deny that the shooting never happened. Then he tried to blame my former best friend. In his fit of lies he has blamed the system and the press and lately he has used his childhood trauma to shield himself and avoid blame.”