Aespa's Winter goes viral for her shockingly slim waist

“It’s not just that she’s thin…”

Aespa'S winter is making waves online for her incredibly slim waist, which she showed off at the popular K-wave concert last weekend. Fans can't believe how small her waist is!

Winter Teaser Armg
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During the event, at which aespa performed without its member, Ningning who was absent due to health reasons – Winter's impressive looks and acting skills captivated the audience. In a stylish ensemble of short puffy jeans and a unique top, Winter's slim waist was clearly highlighted.

Winter-Kwave Wintersooner


Numerous fancams and clips of her performance at the event went viral on X (formerly known as Twitter) and other social media platforms – reaching tens of thousands of views each.

Her choice of outfit further accentuated her slim figure and amazed fans and netizens. A snapshot from her appearance showed her profile perfectly and proved how slim the star's waist looked.

Winter Waist Kwave

The image has since gone viral thanks to a post on the popular community site Pan with the title “Wow, Winter's body is truly incredible.“The post garnered over 130,300 views and numerous comments, and Winter's uniquely slender figure and structure became a hot topic of conversation.

  • “It's all about bone structure… Even if you're thin, having a broad figure won't make you look as petite to begin with.”
  • “There's a reason why celebrities are said to have a certain bone structure.”
  • “Winter has been consistently slim since her debut. She was a little bloated during Girl because she was sick, but she's naturally thin. It looks like she eats well too, but her bones are just thin.”
  • “It's not just that she's thin, Winter also has a wavy body shape that makes her waist look exceptionally narrow, right?”
  • “Your body type? Your bone structure? It's just very thin.”
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Winter's appearance and the viral post that followed have undoubtedly sparked discussion about her unique physique and added to the growing admiration for her stunning looks and exceptional talent.