iOS 17.5.1: Overheating and battery problems uncovered

A recent video by iDeviceHelp has highlighted a number of issues that users have been experiencing with the latest iOS 17.5.1 software update for the iPhone. The update, which has been available for two weeks, has sparked a wave of user concerns regarding various aspects of device performance. Users have reported issues with Overheating, battery life, connectivity and app performanceThese issues have caused frustration and inconvenience to many iOS users who rely on their devices for daily tasks and communication.

  • Overheating: Many users have found that their devices become unusually hot during normal use, causing discomfort and potentially long-term damage to the device.
  • Battery life: Users have reported that their devices' batteries are draining significantly faster than before the update, requiring them to charge them more frequently.
  • Connectivity: Both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connections were affected, disrupting activities such as streaming music or connecting to the Internet.
  • App performance: Some users have noticed a stuttering effect when using certain apps, which affects productivity and user experience.
  • Alarm function: There have been reports of alarms not going off as scheduled. This can be particularly problematic for those who rely on their devices for wake-up calls or reminders.

These issues have raised concerns among iOS users who expect a seamless and reliable experience from their devices. The widespread nature of the issues suggests that the iOS 17.5.1 update may have introduced bugs or compatibility issues that were not detected during the testing phase.

Apple's reaction and future updates

In response to the user reports, Apple is actively working on solutions to fix the issues caused by iOS 17.5.1. The company is expected to release iOS 17.5.2 in the near future, which should fix the persistent issues and restore smooth functioning of iOS devices.

If we look further into the future, Beta version of iOS 18 is just around the corner, promising new features and improvements. This major update is highly anticipated by the iOS community as it gives Apple the opportunity to not only fix the current issues but also introduce improvements that take the user experience to a new level.

AirPods Pro firmware update and new wallpaper

In addition to the iOS 17.5.1 update, Apple has released a new firmware update for the second generation AirPods Pro. The new firmware version 6F7 is intended to fix several bugs and improve overall performance. A notable improvement concerns the area active noise cancellationwhich has received positive feedback from users who have installed the update.

In addition to the firmware update, Apple has released a new wallpaper to celebrate the opening of a new Apple Store in Malaysia. This vibrant wallpaper brings a fresh aesthetic to iOS devices and can be downloaded from the official Apple website.


The iOS 17.5.1 update has brought with it a number of issues that have impacted the user experience of many iOS device owners. From overheating and battery life issues to connectivity and app performance problems, these concerns have highlighted the importance of thorough testing and quality assurance before releasing software updates.

Despite the current challenges, Apple's commitment to addressing these issues through future updates such as iOS 17.5.2 and the highly anticipated iOS 18 beta gives hope for a solution. While users eagerly await these updates, they can take comfort in the fact that Apple is actively working to restore the reliability and performance that iOS devices are known for.

In the meantime, the release of the AirPods Pro firmware update and new wallpaper serve as a reminder of Apple's ongoing efforts to improve the user experience across its entire ecosystem of devices and services.

Source and image credit: iDeviceHelp

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