Top 5 viral videos today: John Oliver on Prime Minister Modi, American vlogger in Taliban-controlled Afghanistan and more | Trending News

Here's Tuesday's viral roundup. From clips and memes about the results of the 2024 Lok Sabha elections to the collision of two small planes over Beja airport in southern Portugal, here are the five most trending videos of the day.

On the eve of the results of the 2024 Lok Sabha elections, a clip from the latest episode of Last Week Tonight with John Oliver sent shockwaves across the internet. Oliver's scathing commentary focused on Prime Minister Narendra Modi, particularly criticising one Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) Advertisement in which a young girl attributes the end of the Russo-Ukrainian war to Prime Minister Modi, saying: “War rukwa di papa (He ended the war, father).”

The episode also examined images from Prime Minister Modi's interviews with various journalists. The episode, titled “Indian Elections, Trump & Red Lobster,” is set to be available on YouTube from Thursday. In a viral video, John Oliver encouraged viewers with friends and family in India to use alternative platforms to watch the episode if it is not accessible through traditional channels.

Confusion in the Malaysian Parliament

During a sitting in the Dewan Rakyat on March 13, a moment of hilarity occurred when Datuk Ramli Mohd Nor, deputy speaker of the lower house of the Malaysian parliament, inadvertently referred to Taylor Swift fans, commonly known as “Swifties”, as “striptease”.

The caption posted by @mothershipssg humorously notes: “His mind was really like in an empty room.” Communications Minister Fahmi Fadzil took the floor and admitted that while he is not personally a Taylor Swift fan, some of his colleagues are avid followers of the pop star.

Festive offer

Fadzil professed his loyalty to Siti Nurhaliza, a popular Malaysian singer affectionately known as “Sitizoner.” He then referred to Bangi MP Syahredzan Johan as a proud Swiftie, pointing to Johan's last social media post in November in which he praised Swift's album 1989 as one of her best. Ramli seemed confused and interjected: “YB, Striptease?!” Fadzil quickly corrected him, clarifying: “No, it's Swiftie, Taylor Swift.”

The BJP headquarters is bustling with election day treats

short article insertionA heartwarming scene unfolded at the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) headquarters in New Delhi at 8 am on Tuesday. A video capturing the moment showed halwais busily preparing pooris and an assortment of sweets, sending waves of anticipation through social media platforms.

In the footage, several halwais are seen expertly rolling out dough and dipping it in piping hot oil to prepare the popular Indian delicacy poori. ANI shared the adorable sight on X and captioned the video, “Poori and sweets being prepared at BJP headquarters in Delhi ahead of the announcement of the Lok Sabha election results. The counting of votes for the #LokSabhaElections will begin at 8 am.”

American vlogger explores Taliban-controlled Afghanistan

Eli Snyder, an American travel vlogger, embarked on an extraordinary mission to travel to every corner of the globe, documenting his adventures for his avid followers on Instagram under the handle @syndthexplorer. Currently, Snyder is heading to the heart of Afghanistan, a country under the influence of the Taliban.

The Taliban, officially recognized as Islamic Emirate of Afghanistanembodies a potent mix of Pashtun nationalism and Islamic fundamentalism. In part six of Snyder's compelling video series, he delves into the streets of Mazar-i-Sharif, the country's third-largest city, which is under Taliban rule. Reflecting on his experiences, Snyder recounts how he hired a private taxi driver to tour the city's sights, only to find he had to stick to the strict schedules dictated by the Taliban's presence.

Despite some moments of unease, Snyder remains unflappable, describing his approach as “going with the flow” and “taking the hits.” Beneath the surface, however, he acknowledges the harsh reality of life under Taliban rule, particularly the grim conditions faced by women and children.

Watch the video Here.

Airplane collision at the air show in Beja

Tragedy struck on Sunday during a breathtaking aerobatic display in the Portuguese city of Beja when two planes collided in mid-air. The Portuguese Air Force (PAF) confirmed that one of the planes crashed and burst into flames, leading to the untimely death of the Spanish pilot.

The harrowing incident occurred during the Beja Air Show and caught the attention of spectators and organizers alike. @fl360aero shared a video of the collision on X and lamented the loss with the caption: “Two Yak-52 aircraft of the Spanish-Portuguese Yakstars The formation team collided during the Beja Air Show in Portugal. Unfortunately, one plane crashed, resulting in the death of the pilot. The other pilot, Sucre, managed to land his plane.”

These videos captivated social media on Tuesday.