Orange fights cybercrime with new D…

The Orange Group has launched a security portal designed to detect potential phishing attempts on individuals and companies. At a time when cyberattacks are becoming increasingly sophisticated, this solution is crucial, the portal says.

The operator said the platform, called Orange Cybersecure, allows citizens to check suspicious links in text messages, emails and website URLs, regardless of the operator they use.

They would receive an “immediate response” once the link was known, Orange said.

In cases where the link is unknown, Orange's defense specialists will “quickly verify its reliability and add the result to their database to continuously enrich it.”

The company uses a learning algorithm to detect phishing attempts and aims to “create the best database for the joint fight against everyday cyberattacks”.

Orange found that two out of three French citizens receive suspicious messages every week, as well as phone calls or emails whose security or legitimacy they could not confirm. According to government data, in 2023 there were 280,000 requests for help from French people regarding digital fraud, 38 percent of which involved phishing.

Orange expects the system, which will be available from June 6, to “offer unprecedented protection against internet and telephone fraud.”

The company justified its decision to offer the service to all citizens and not just Orange customers by saying that “cybersecurity concerns us all” and therefore sees itself as having a responsibility to “offer a simple and effective solution for everyone”.

As a more comprehensive solution, Orange offers its customers a monthly subscription without a contract. This package allows users to secure up to 10 devices and receive support from Orange cyber specialists.