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The main purpose of this book is to bring together all cloud-related technologies on a single platform so that researchers, academics, PhD students and industry professionals can easily understand the cloud-based ecosystems.

This book covers the evolution of cloud computing through grid computing and cluster computing. It helps researchers and practitioners to understand grid and distributed computing cloud infrastructures, virtual machines, virtualization, live migration, scheduling techniques, auditing concepts, security and privacy, business models, and case studies using state-of-the-art cloud computing countermeasures.

This book covers the entire spectrum of cloud computing related technologies and differs from other books in its extensive content. Topics covered in the book include:

  • The development of cloud computing from grid computing to cluster computing to distributed systems;
  • Covers cloud computing and virtualization environments;
  • Discusses live migration, databases, auditing, and applications as part of the cloud computing materials;
  • Provides concepts for cloud storage, cloud strategy planning and management, cloud security and data protection issues;
  • Clearly explains complex concepts and includes information for advanced users and beginners.

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