Yonkers police arrest man for arson

Edwin Polanco, pictured above, was arrested by Yonkers police around 1 a.m. for setting a fire in southwest Yonkers.

Polanco, 34, of Yonkers, set fire to several garbage piles and damaged a motor vehicle. Yonkers police and detectives quickly located Mr. Polanco and arrested him. They charged him with fourth-degree arson (a felony) and three counts of Arson, 5th degree (misdemeanor). Four fires were found to have been set by Mr. Polanco. Further investigation may link him to additional fires.

Despite the obvious danger to life and property posed by a crime such as arson, Polanco was released on bail with a summons.

“Arson is one of the most serious crimes,” said Yonkers Mayor Mike Spano. “Even if this individual failed to harm anyone, the dangerous intent should be critically examined. Simply issuing a citation is a slap on the wrist and must be addressed. The lack of consequences and punishments encourages criminals like these to continue to pose a threat to our community and quality of life.”

Police Chief Sapienza said: “Our officers and detectives continue to do their jobs despite the restrictions imposed on them by the legislature. A person who intentionally sets multiple fires in a densely populated area while people are sleeping should not be rewarded with freedom while awaiting charges.”