Son of a congressman makes fun of grimaces during Trump's defense speech in the hush money trial

The highly anticipated trial of Donald Trump on hush money charges ended in a guilty verdict. Clippings from the trial and speeches from prominent politicians circulated. A clip from Tennessee Rep. John Rose's recent speech on Capitol Hill defending Trump went viral. However, it wasn't Rose's defense that drew attention; rather, a young bystander sitting next to him stole the show with his playful antics. The youth's playful behavior in front of C-SPAN's cameras made everyone laugh, and his reactions have since gone viral.

Son of a congressman becomes famous for funny faces

6-year-old steals the show during Rep. John Rose's speech defending Trump (Image credit: CSPAN X)

The Republican Party politician gave an impassioned speech in support of Donald Trump, who was found guilty of 34 counts of falsifying business records. While the speech went smoothly, the president's 6-year-old child provided some entertainment with hilarious faces. When the camera focused on the child sitting behind the president, he grinned widely, came into the frame and enjoyed his 5 minutes of fame.

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Congressman John Rose continued his speech oblivious to what was going on behind the scenes while his six-year-old son enjoyed the spotlight. He often rolled his eyes, pulled faces, stuck out his tongue, looked over his father's shoulder and made hand gestures. Finally, the congressman asked the young man to smile for the camera.

Internet reacts to the viral video

One person commented on the video, praising the channel for its coverage and saying, “Best channel ever.” Another chimed in, “This guy needs NO media training.” Another responded, “LMAO what a show.”

Not only the internet, but Rep. Rose also reacted briefly to the viral video, saying, “That's what I get for telling my son Guy to smile for the camera for his little brother,” referring to his other three-year-old son, Sam. According to the AP, the child spent the week with the congressman and recently graduated from kindergarten. Rep. Rose's youngest son, three-year-old Sam, and his wife, Chelsea, have reportedly returned to Tennessee.

Update on the Donald Trump hush money trial

The presumptive Republican presidential candidate, now a convicted criminal, was found guilty in a seven-week hush money trial involving porn star Stormy Daniels and his former lawyer and mediator Michael Cohen, who testified against his former boss. Trump is scheduled to be sentenced on July 11, just before the Republican National Convention. He faces consequences such as a fine, probation or prison. Despite the conviction, Trump is not prohibited from continuing his presidential campaign or possibly becoming president.