Special Edition: Design for Sustainability

The trend towards more sustainable design and manufacturing has continued as regulatory pressure increases and companies look for ways to reduce their carbon footprint. In addition, consumers continue to demand more sustainable products with less wasteful packaging.

While not everyone agrees on the severity of climate change, there is a growing consensus that we need to find more efficient ways to generate electricity. Even though we have developed more efficient vehicles and appliances, the enormous strain on the electricity grid requires us to look for cheaper and more sustainable sources.

This special edition of Digital Engineering takes a look at how design technology is enabling this shift towards sustainability. Coverage includes a look at next-generation power grids, new ways to use digital twins, smart cities, sustainable ecosystems, and emerging carbon removal/storage markets (and their design requirements).

In this edition …

  • Digitally designing the factory of the future
  • Next generation power supply
  • AM receives seal of approval for sustainability
  • Diving deep to design sustainable ecosystems
  • Twin Tech and Smart City: A natural combination?
  • Recycling contributes to building a circular economy for AM
  • Carbon removal for a fee: An emerging market for sustainability
  • Creation of carbon capture systems
  • And more!

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