A mother's most important tip for stress-free holidays with a baby goes viral

When you're planning a summer vacation with your baby, you're probably thinking about the essentials you'll need: passports, sunscreen, and plenty of diapers.

You should also pack something that will keep the kids entertained and give you some much-needed rest.

One woman went viral for exactly this reason after posting her travel tips on TikTok.

Close up of a young mother with a little girl on the beach during summer vacation. Having family members with you on vacation can be a great help for parents.

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In the video, which has been viewed 3.8 million times, mother Philippa Börjesson can be seen lying on a sun lounger as she zooms in on her sister playing with her baby in the pool while she relaxes.

The text overlay on the TikTok reads: “Tip #1 to take on vacation with your baby: the aunt.”

Speak with NewsweekBörjesson was surprised by how popular her video was on TikTok, saying: “I never thought my video would go through the roof like this.

“[I] I just saw my son and my sister in the pool and thought how lucky I am to have such a dedicated sister.”

TikTok users agreed that taking family members on vacation to help with childcare is a smart decision.

One said: “I'm so excited to be the childless aunt who gets taken on holiday,” while another joked: “So that's why I'm invited to go on holiday for two weeks with my two sisters' families and their three children in total?”

The top comment received nearly 15,000 likes and read: “No, even better: Grandma.”

It's no surprise that parents rely on their relatives to help look after their children while on vacation. The constant need to care for and entertain young children can prevent parents from properly relaxing and enjoying their vacation.

The opportunity to bring a close family member can be beneficial for both parents and child and help create lasting memories.

One TikToker commented: “As an aunt, I love it [sic]!! I really love looking after my little niece!! And this way my brother and his wife can really enjoy the vacation too!”

Philippa Börjesson replied: “We need more people like you, the new generation of aunties ROCKS.”

Börjesson concluded by saying of her sister: “I made this TikTok to somehow honor her, but in a fun way. I'm happy to see how many people can identify with the video and find it funny!”

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