Google's latest Play System update causes some Galaxy phones to slow down


  • Galaxy S23 users are experiencing slowdowns after installing the May 2024 Google Play system update.
  • Samsung has acknowledged the issue and provided a temporary solution.
  • All you need to do is restart your phone to fix the slowdown issues.

Google released the May 2024 Play System Update for Android phones in the last week of April. Along with the usual stability improvements, the build introduced cross-device services that let you seamlessly transfer Google Meet video calls between devices. It also introduced password sharing with family members in Google Password Manager. However, the May 2024 Play System Update seems to have had unintended effects on some Galaxy devices, as it made them slower and increased app launch times.

The issue appears to affect the Galaxy S23 and several other Galaxy phones. Samsung has acknowledged the problem on its South Korean community forum and provided a simple workaround (via SamMobile) while a fix is ​​being worked on.

A moderator from the company points out that you may notice that your Galaxy phone slows down if you use it for a long time after installing the latest Google Play system update. You can restart your phone to temporarily resolve the issue until a fix is ​​deployed.

To install a Google Play system update, you need to restart your Android phone. However, in this case, Samsung recommends another restart after a few hours if you feel that your Galaxy phone has become slower and apps are taking a long time to open.

If you haven't already done so, you can avoid installing the May 2024 Play System Update on your Galaxy phone to avoid slowdown issues. Since June has already started, this month's Play System build from Google should go live sooner rather than later and may include the necessary fix for the slowdown.

Owners of Samsung Galaxy devices regularly have problems with Google

This is the second usability issue Galaxy owners have experienced through no fault of their own in less than a week. Earlier this week, reports surfaced of Samsung Messages crashing on Galaxy devices caused by a Google Meet update.

Previously, the One UI 6.1 update in late March caused touchscreen issues on the Galaxy S23 series. Many assumed that Samsung's new firmware was the culprit. However, as it turns out, the Google Discover feed was to blame, and Google eventually released a fix for the problem.