St. Jude staff not happy about viral goat video

Some employees at St. Jude Hospital (George Odlum Stadium) are unhappy about videos recently circulating on the Internet showing goats roaming the hospital and cows grazing on the grounds.

They say they are disappointed that the incidents were caught on video and that people are quick to film everything that happens at the hospital, putting the situation in a bad light.

The videos that circulated on social media last week attracted a lot of interest.

Some viewers criticized the government for the incident, saying it was an indication of the poor state of our health sector.

In conversations with several hospital staff, they said that cows and goats constantly roam the hospital premises, but this was the first time that animals had actually entered the hospital building.

St. Jude Hospital

Staff felt the video should not be used to gain political capital or embarrass the hospital.

“There are always cows and goats on the hospital grounds. Sometimes they disrupt the sporting activities there, so we have to run after them to chase them away,” said one employee. Loop News.

Another said: “Sometimes they kick over garbage cans in search of food.”

“The cows and goats interact with us,” another employee joked, adding that the goats that managed to get into the building did so to seek shelter from the rain.

Staff believe that the owners of the animals should be held responsible for entering the hospital premises and that the government should look into the matter.

The cows and goats, which are owned by different owners, are kept in a fenced pasture not far from the hospital, which is partially left open.

Since the incident, no cows or goats have been seen on the unfenced hospital grounds.