SmallHD PageOS 6 now available for download

SmallHD's new PageOS 6 operating system is now available for download. PageOS 6 brings new features and an optimized user interface for SmallHD monitors.

The PageOS monitoring solution is an advanced page-based software toolset with an intuitive UI/UX that gives you full control over color, exposure, camera, LUTs and more.

Fleet control app

Screenshot 2024 06 05 at 5 40 56

The Fleet Control app allows you to control one or more monitors simultaneously. This makes it easy to adjust settings, manage signals and feeds, LUTs and color pipes, and control multiple PageOS tools over Ethernet or WiFi.

WiFi support

Screenshot 2024 06 05 at 5 42 11

SmallHD now supports WiFi functionality via select supported modules, enabling wireless management and firmware updates via the new Fleet Control app.

Press and hold (feature coming soon)

Screenshot 2024 06 05 at 5 43 03

Soon you'll be able to assign a new press-and-hold function by holding down a function key to speed up your workflow. Preview a feed or tool, quickly invoke a 1:1 pixel zoom for precise focus, apply a preloaded LUT, and more.

Precise control with buttons (feature available soon)

Screenshot 2024 06 05 at 5 44 22

You can map almost any aspect of PageOS to buttons with click, twist, and capacitive touch functionality. With tools like custom exposure or cropping, multiple buttons can be used simultaneously to make precise changes.

Improved color