Man seriously injured in shooting at gas station in East Anchorage

From Anchorage Daily News

Updated: 19 Seconds before Published: 20 Seconds before

Police said a man was in critical condition Tuesday following a shooting in an East Anchorage parking lot.

Savon Berry, 25, was arrested Monday on charges including aggravated assault following the incident, which occurred in the Holiday store parking lot, according to a summary of an Anchorage police report filed with the criminal complaint.

Police said they responded to reports of shots fired in the parking lot at the intersection of Northern Lights Boulevard and Boniface Parkway shortly after 7:30 p.m. Monday. Berry, who fled the area, was arrested within two hours, they said.

The other man, who was shot in the chest, got into a vehicle and crashed into a nearby tree, the summary said. He got out of the vehicle and collapsed, it said. Emergency responders on scene rendered medical aid and the man was taken to a hospital for surgery, the summary said.

Berry later told investigators he noticed the other man following him and went into the gas station, where the other man jumped out the door and startled him, the police report summary said. Police said surveillance video showed the men meeting outside the gas station and having an argument, the summary said. McAlister, who did not appear to be aggressive toward Berry, had his arms raised and his hands at his sides when Berry shot him once in the chest, it said.

Police said Berry was on probation following a 2018 manslaughter conviction. He was one of four teenagers arrested in 2016 for the killing of a 40-year-old Anchorage woman. At the time, one of the defendants told police the group had planned to rob the woman's son during a marijuana purchase, but another of the teens fired when the woman opened the door.

According to Betsy Holley, spokeswoman for the Alaska Department of Corrections, Berry's parole began in September 2020. He was admitted to the Anchorage Correctional Complex on Monday, Holley said. He was originally sentenced to nine years in prison, she said.

As of Tuesday, he was still in custody on charges of first-degree assault, illegal possession of a firearm and tampering with evidence.

Police said they were still investigating the motive for the shooting and were asking whether the two men knew each other.