Cyberpunk 2077 gets a photorealistic overhaul that you can now download for free

Take a look at this great footage

Cyberpunk2077 is already a pretty impressive game. Visually, it looks lush from so many angles and Night City is a beautiful environment to explore.

However, this has not stopped developers in the community from modifying the game by any means possible to push the visual boundaries even further and incorporate ever more modern technological leaps.

Cyberpunk2077 is a great adventure that runs on any platform

I've written a lot of these articles where we look at the awesome things modders can do with games. I've seen Unreal Engine 5 footage from countless games new and old, but when I opened this YouTube video, I literally dropped a cursing look on my face.

This footage is incredible. It's labeled photorealistic and when you see the cars speeding through the city, you'll know why.

The light reflecting off the body of each car is gorgeous. In the background, the city stretches out, made of high-resolution, clear textures.

Of course, this footage is running on a powerful PC, and the mod list is incredibly long, featuring the many optimizations that go into this rework.

The game runs in 8K on an RTX4090 and has to be seen to be believed. Will this be the Night City we drive through in the inevitable sequel? Will games excite us like this in the future?

My only criticism of this footage is the motion blur. Turn it off! The populated crowd scenes look brilliant, but the motion blur prevents you from realizing how beautiful the 3D models are.

But seriously, I can't complain too much because it still looks better than a lot of other games out there.

If you have a PC powerful enough to handle the load, download and install these mods in Cyberpunk2077 and have a great time in Night City.

Photo credit: CD Projekt Red

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