Stardew Valley meets Fable in a beautiful free Steam download you can get now

This freebie combines both farming and classic RPG features

Fans of Stardew Valley And fable will be happy to know that this upcoming RPG farming simulation combines the best of both worlds.

If you love the simple farm life in Stardew Valley but I long for more of a story like in fableMirthwood combines both to create an immersive medieval fantasy world in which players must not only build a homestead, but also pick up a sword and set out on the adventurer's path.

Check out the trailer for the upcoming fable Entry below!

Developed by Bad Ridge Games and expected to be released in Q3 2024. Mirthwood is an “enchanting RPG life simulation” set on a war-torn continent. However, your arrival marks the start of a new beginning, and in this medieval sandbox world, you can choose who you want to be.

If you're more of a homebody, you can manage your farm, grow crops, build a farm, raise animals, and upgrade your facilities. Any goods you acquire can be traded in town, and this peaceful life will still have its challenges.

However, if you're more of an adventurer, you can pick up your weapon and engage in battle against werewolves and bandits. By leveling up your character, you can become the most fearsome enemy in Bleakwood.

Featuring hand-drawn graphics, haunting sound effects and original music. 'Joy Forest'The Last Man's open world will see you lost in six different regions, each with its own unique style and you'll experience everything from extreme weather to disease on your quest for survival.

Before you ask: yes, there is romance. The Sims-style interaction system allows you to befriend or insult the townspeople and even build a relationship with one of the many NPCs around the world. Whether you're chatting, joking, having romantic conversations, gossiping, or exerting influence, socializing is just as important in the world of Joyful forest.

Mirthwood is now available to download and try for free on Steam, so don't miss out on giving this RPG life simulation a chance.

Photo credit: Bad Ridge Games

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