Calgary killer pleads guilty to reduced manslaughter charge

“Big Sorrel Horse stabbed David Kendall Williams once in the chest with a knife in front of the Real Canadian Superstore,” the prosecutor said

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Just moments after stabbing a man in the heart, Calgary native Raven Big Sorrel Horse removed his runners and replaced them with her own, the court heard Tuesday.

Prosecutor Kay De Boer read from a statement of admitted facts, detailing the events that led to the death of David Kendall Williams and the arrest of Big Sorrel Horse two days later.

De Boer told Judge Robert Hall that a fatal encounter between Williams and Big Sorrel Horse occurred at approximately 1:10 a.m. on October 25, 2022 in the downtown East Village area.

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“Big Sorrel Horse stabbed David Kendall Williams once in the chest with a knife in front of the Real Canadian Superstore,” De Boer said.

“The knife penetrated Williams' chest wall … and entered the right atrium of his heart.”

Defense attorney Alain Hepner pleaded guilty on behalf of Big Sorrel Horse to a lesser charge of manslaughter, which she had been charged with second-degree murder.

Hepner said that although his client was identified as male by several witnesses, he was in the process of transitioning to female and had begun taking estrogen and testosterone blockers.

De Boer said the fatal stabbing was recorded by a nearby surveillance camera.

She also said that several people were nearby, including witness Alexander Moyah.

“Moyah heard a commotion … and ran over to see what was going on. He ran around the corner of the building and saw two men near the Scotiabank ATM,” the prosecutor said.

Moyah did not know the victim, but recognized Big Sorrel Horse, with whom he had been outside the Drop-In Centre several times.

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“Before Moyah fled the scene, he saw Big Sorrel Horse putting the victim's shoes on,” De Boer said.

“Big Sorrel Horse left her own shoes… at the crime scene.”

The DNA of the Lacoste runners was later tested and found to be a match to the killer.

Two days later, during undercover police surveillance related to the Williams murder, the perpetrator was observed entering a Real Canadian Superstore near the Southland LRT station and stealing a pair of JOE Fresh sneakers.

Footage from a nearby surveillance camera shows her throwing away several items, including a pair of runners that matched the ones she had taken from the deceased.

At Hepner's request, Hall ordered a Gladue report on Big Sorrel Horse's Indigenous ancestry, including intergenerational trauma.

He also requested a psychiatric and psychological report from doctors at the Southern Alberta Forensic Psychiatry Centre.

The date for the verdict is set for July 19.

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