A software developer's heartwarming post about his sister's internship goes viral: “A very special day for me” | Trending

A post by a proud brother about his sister's internship milestone has won the hearts of people on X. In his post, the brother, a software developer, shared the inspiring journey of his younger sibling who overcame numerous challenges to get an internship as a software developer at Barclays Bank. His post not only showcases the beautiful relationship between the siblings but also serves as a ray of hope for others who want to pursue their dreams.

A software engineer posted this picture on X while sharing his younger sister's internship milestone. (X/@aksingh_2000)

“Today is a very special day for me! Meri Choti Behen (my younger sister) has started her internship as an SDE at Barclays. I cannot express how proud and happy I am as her Bhaiya (brother),” wrote Ankit Singh.

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He further expressed his joy, stating that his little sister is now growing up and will soon “earn her first paycheck.” He also thanked their parents “who worked hard day and night” to enable them to “study engineering and fulfill our dream.” He also shared a heartwarming screenshot of a conversation between him and his sister.

You can watch the entire article here:

Since the post was shared, it has received more than 64,000 views. The viral share also garnered nearly 100 likes. The share also prompted people to post various comments.

What did X-Users say about this brother's post?

“That feeling when you see your younger brother/sister doing good things in life,” posted one X user.

“Congratulations to you, her and your family,” added another.

“How sweet, the Barclays office in Pune is just amazing and I'm sure she will have a blast,” a third shared.

“This is proof that hard work pays off even in difficult times,” added a fourth.

“Congratulations to the proud brother,” wrote a fifth.

What do you think about this post from a proud brother about his sister's internship? Did the X post make you smile?

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