Woman makes headlines after saying she intimidates men because she is too pretty and smart

A woman has gone viral on TikTok after saying that men are intimidated by her because she is pretty and smart.

TikTok user Ash uploaded a video saying she was tired of people being surprised that she doesn't have a boyfriend, but that when you combine her “beautiful, intelligent, strong, successful and fun-loving, you have one seriously scary woman on your hands.”

She continued: “You're dealing with a really difficult woman, aren't you? Men don't like that kind of thing. Men don't like me and they're very, very afraid of me, and the men who do like me are unavailable, men who are in relationships and are uggo, uggo uggo (ugly) oddballs.”

“Because at the end of the day, I'm just a fantasy, not a real person, because of all the beautiful and scary things. So yes, baby, I'm alone, I'm very, very, very single. Cheers!”

Ash with red top and red heart glasses

Ash is tired of people asking her why she doesn't have a boyfriend:

“Lonely life when you know your worth,” Ash captioned the video, which garnered over 700,000 views, with TikTok flooded with comments from women who knew exactly what she meant.


“'At the end of the day, I'm just a fantasy,' I agree,” one woman commented. “I talked to my therapist about this, about how men seem to be totally into me but ultimately leave me for ridiculous reasons… and she pretty much said this: that you are a woman's fantasy version and therefore unavailable even if you are actively dating them,” another person said.

Ash in a bikini on a boat Ash in a bikini on a boat

Ash's TikTok was well received by many women. Photo:

“The same thing… I've been told my whole life that I'm intimidating. Men don't even approach me because they think I have too many options,” said another woman. “They idealize you, and in the end [up] They hate and loathe you for everything they loved and adored about you in the beginning because you bring out all their insecurities. Still single but happy,” said another.


“This, this, this. Career, car, homeowner at 22, no kids, educated, successful. STILL VERY SINGLE,” said another woman.

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