Perfect for fans of Netflix' Mindhunter

If you ask a long-time Netflix subscriber which canceled series they miss the most and would revive if they could, I guarantee that one of the answers you will get over and over again is a little series called Thought Hunter.

Created by David Fincher, Netflix' Thought Hunter The TV series is based on the 1996 book Mind Hunter: Insights into the FBI's elite serial crime unitwritten by former special agent John Douglas and Mark Olshaker. Over the course of his career, Douglas tracked some of the most notorious serial killers and rapists and developed various profiling techniques to catch them. The Netflix series became something of a cult film, in part because the series is as much about exploring the darkest corners of the human psyche as it is a crime drama.

Fincher confirmed to a French newspaper last year that there would probably never be a third season of the series. “I am very proud of the first two seasons,” he said in the interview with the French weekly. The Sunday Journal“But it's a particularly expensive show and in Netflix's eyes we haven't attracted enough viewers to justify such an investment.”

Hulu has since released a new documentary series, which I think is a kind of consolation prize if you are still missing Thought Hunter.

The new show has a similar name (Mastermind) and is essentially about the same thing. Producers Dakota and Elle Fanning and showrunner Dani Sloane focus on Dr. Ann Burgess – the woman who revolutionized serial killer profiling.

Mastermind: Think like a killer is a three-part documentary series debuting on Hulu on 11 July. According to Boston College, Burgess was a pioneer in the assessment and treatment of trauma victims in the 1970s. She worked with then-FBI Special Agent John E. Douglas to develop a new way of criminally profiling notorious serial killers, and the two worked together for nearly 10 years. In fact, the character of Dr. Wendy Carr in Thought Hunter loosely based on Burgess.

“To stop serial killers, psychiatric nurse and professor Dr. Ann Burgess must first learn to think like a serial killer,” explains Hulu. “With unprecedented access to the mastermind behind the development of modern serial killer profiles, the series tells Burgess's dogged story and compassion for victims, putting her at the center of solving America's most notorious true crime cases.”

Burgess has been a largely unsung heroine until now, but the Hulu documentary series reveals that she not only championed the plight of women in the United States, but also had a major influence on the development of the FBI.