Internet detectives have discovered the back rooms in real life – Ftw article

One of the most esoteric memes of recent years is “The Backrooms,” or the concept of liminal spaces more broadly. Liminal spaces have moved far from the original definition as spaces between two different destinations and now refer to abandoned and/or seemingly haunted, vast empty spaces.

The Backrooms is the most well-known example of what people mean today when they talk about liminal spaces, and it can be traced back to 4chan in 2019. However, its popularity exploded in 2022 after YouTuber Kane Parsons uploaded a series of short films about The Backrooms, which proved so successful that A24 decided to hire Parsons to turn his work into a feature-length film.

When people picture The Backrooms, they usually picture a cavernous, empty room with yellow wallpaper, neon lights, dirty beige carpets, and no discernible features. That's what the rooms look like in the earliest Backrooms photos, and that's what the rooms in Parsons' short films look like.

For diehard fans of The Backrooms, the location seen in the earliest Backrooms images has always been a mystery, although countless doppelgängers and other liminal rooms have been found and widely shared. Fortunately, one dedicated investigator has put a lot of effort into finding the OG Backrooms and finally managed to share his findings with the r/Backrooms community on Reddit.

Finding the backrooms required a thorough digging through 4chan's archives and examining metadata to find information about when and where the photos were taken. Eventually, they found that the original backrooms are located in a HobbyTown in Oshkosh, Wisconsin.

They even found a photo of what the store looked like when it was called Rohner's Furniture, and it's amazing how much less creepy a large space seems once it's filled with furniture and looks significantly less abandoned.

Funnily enough, a Twitter user made the exact same discovery in 2019, but his tweet didn't get enough attention to make enough waves. That's why self-promotion skills are important, folks.

HobbyTown still owns the building and has turned The Backrooms into an RC car racing track, apparently unaware of the important piece of internet history they owned within. Unfortunately for lovers of liminal spaces, the room is anything but abandoned, spooky, or even remotely spooky, and definitely not worth a pilgrimage to Wisconsin to see.