TikToker goes viral by recreating “awesome” TVs from “The Sims 4”

A TikToker has become famous for creating “amazing” recreations of legendary and popular sitcom television sets using “The Sims 4.”

Paigey, who goes by “paigeynd” on TikTok, has found a niche on the social media platform that combines the most popular sitcoms and television shows of the 2000s with the social simulation game “The Sims 4.”

Paigey has been playing the game “forever” and found that the most fun she had “increasingly” came from one particular aspect – building.

So Paigey decided, “Why don’t I share my creations with other people?” and started recreating popular TV sets. Her videos quickly gained attention on TikTok.

While most of Paigey's builds are based on sitcoms, she has also ventured into other television genres, previously building Salvatore's house from The Vampire Diaries.

In the comments, Paigey revealed that the time it takes to recreate a set can vary, but is typically “about an hour.”

All TikToks showing the construction of television sets have been viewed thousands of times, with the top video currently having half a million views.

Viewers shared their “amazement” at Paigey’s creations, made their own suggestions in the comments and praised the TikToker’s “amazing” talent.

“This is the stuff that [getting likes]. It's brilliant,” wrote one person. Another person expressed a similar opinion, commenting: “I enjoyed looking at these buildings.” [They’re] so beautiful to look at. Please more of this!”

Paigey's videos have even inspired others to get The Sims 4 and try out the set recreation for themselves: “Old boy here. Haven't played The Sims since the original. This looks crazy and tickles something in my brain. Time to download the modern stuff.”